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Selection of wine delivery in Australia, AU

You may also order Merlot varietal wines (that i have qualified) online for delivery in Oceania.

You could ask for wine shipping to and delivery in the Australia, AU area.

Here is my selection of Merlot varietal wines.


Bottlings selected in 2019

Vin de France [Ardèche] - Géraldine et Méryl Croizier - La Vrille et le papillon - Chapeau melon - (merlot de cuve)

2018 - USD 15 - intense - yellow pepper, plum - yellow pepper, plum, dense, dries the mouth, easy, round

A bottle shop at 91 Booth Street, 5 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia: Annandale Cellars, website, itineraries, in map, tél. +61 2 9660 1947

An online shop with domestic delivery, Australia: Veno, website

A street store at 22 Fanning Street, Southbank, Victoria, Melbourne 3006, Australia: Act of Wine, website, itineraries, in map

An online store with domestic delivery, Australia: Act of Wine, website

An importer, Australia: Wine and Food Solutions, website


Price figures are only rough estimates of the US retail tags, at the date of the tasting. Wines are selected on personal criteria.

You may also try Oceania.

There also are must-taste natural wines in Australia Country (map).


Next releases

You may be emailed, about once a year, when several tasting reports or countries with delivery of natural wine are issued, if you write your email address below. (There are about 2000 subscribers.)

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