Where to find natural wine

When in British Columbia: buy these French wines

Herebelow are French wines that I recommend and where to buy them in British Columbia.

The below vintners often use no sulphur dioxide (SO2) during the winemaking or the bottling. Only a few bottles may contain sulfites — in very small quantities. (Around 10 mg per liter. Ask the merchant or the importer.)


Natural wines endorsed in 2010

red Table - Jean Maupertuis - La Guillaume - Gamay

2009 - 7 € - lots of fruit - ripe cherry, orange - ripe cherry, orange, juicy, incisive (thanks to an uncomplete grape ripeness), firm, shorter than Griottes 2007 by Chermette

Canada, British Columbia: Racine Wine Import

white Vin de table - Jean Maupertuis - Puy long - (chardonnay)

2009 - 8 € - not very onctuous, a note of grapefruit, the nougat taste typical of a no-SO2 winemaking, fresh

Canada, British Columbia: Racine Wine Import


You may also read reviews on recommended wines available in Washington state, Oregon, or you may request another location at the bottom of this page.


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