Where to find natural wine

When in Florida: buy these French wines

Herebelow are French wines that I recommend and where to buy them in Miami and Florida.

The below vintners often use no sulphur dioxide (SO2) during the winemaking or the bottling. Only a few bottles may contain sulfites — in very small quantities. (Around 10 mg per liter. Ask the merchant or the importer.)


Natural wines endorsed in 2017

white Alsace muscat - Audrey et Christian Binner - Hinterburg - [sans sulfite ajouté]

2013 - USD 30 - very intense, Muscat - wide, fresh almond, intense and minerally, fresh

Florida distributor: City Beautiful Beverage Company


Natural wines endorsed in 2016

white Crémant d'alsace - Stéphane Bannwarth - Les vins Pirouettes (par Binner & Compagnie) - Zéro dosage

2013 - USD 26 -

Florida distributor: City Beautiful Beverage Company


You may also read reviews on recommended wines available in Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, or you may request another location at the bottom of this page.


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