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When in 24: buy these natural wines

The following text is a tip.No producer of no-sulphite wine is registered for: Dordogne (24).

This is why the scope has been widened to: Aquitaine.

You may also accept a little sulfite in natural wines in Dordogne (24).

The below vintners often use no sulphur dioxide (SO2) during the winemaking or the bottling. Only a few bottles may contain sulfites — in very small quantities. (Around 10 mg per liter. Ask the merchant or the importer.) You could ask for wine shipment to and delivery in Dordogne (24).


Natural wines endorsed in 2014

red Corbières - Magali & Dominique Terrier - Domaine des 2 Ânes - Premiers Pas

2013 - 7 € - red fruit (carignan varietal) - red fruit, dense but juicy, supple, frank

33200 Bordeaux, 156 rue de la République : Ligne de vin

white Alsace gewurztraminer - Stéphane Bannwarth

2011 - 14 € -

64100 Bayonne, 47 rue Pannecau : La Cave Benat


Natural wines endorsed in 2013

Alsace wine labelwhite Alsace - Audrey et Christian Binner - Ça gazouille [lieu-dit : Katzenthal] - Riesling (sec)

2010 - 12 € - very aromatic - a lively nose - a huge aromatic intensity, orange, nougat, dense but not oily, wide with tidy gas beads, almost dry: with just a hint of residual sugar, fresh

64100 Bayonne, 47 rue Pannecau : La Cave Benat

white Crémant d'alsace - Les Binner (négoce) - Triple Zéro

2009 - 12 € -

64100 Bayonne, 47 rue Pannecau : La Cave Benat


If the results above are too vague or the wine shops too distant from your area, then you may wish to explore another area of Aquitaine such as: 33, 64, or you may request any location in the box below.


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