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Fresh and vibrant wines to buy in Cayman and Cayman Islands

The following text is a tip.No producer of vibrant wines is registered for: Cayman and Cayman Islands.

This is why the scope has been widened to: Antilles.

Here is my selection of vibrant wines: the level of sulfites is small — often between 20 and 50 mg per liter.

The establishments must sell by the bottle (without asking you to purchase anything else, even if they are bistros). []


Bottlings selected in 2013

red Côtes du rhône - Éric Texier

2010 - USD 16 - This pleases everybody, a Cotes du Rhone typical but without flaw - blackcurrent or blackberry - slightly punchy (as it should be) balanced

Israel importer: Ha' Magash Shaked, tel. +972-3-744767

red Côtes du Rhône Brézème - Éric Texier

2011 - USD 22 - blackberry - blackberry, plum, violet, dense, not drying, juicy, balanced

Israel importer: Ha' Magash Shaked, tel. +972-3-744767


Price figures are only rough estimates of the US retail tags, at the date of the tasting. Wines are selected on personal criteria.

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