Natural wines to buy in Indonesia

Herebelow are French wines that I recommend and where to buy them in Indonesia.

A retailer that is not listed here can sell the wine ; he/she only has to contact the distributor or the importer.


Natural wines endorsed in 2011

Côtes-du-ventoux wine labelwhite Côtes du ventoux - Paul Jaboulet Aîné - Les Traverses

2009 - 7 € - apricot - onctuous, apricot, starfruit, fresh

Indonesia importer: Boga Fine Wine


Natural wines endorsed in 2010

Côtes-du-rhône wine labelwhite Côtes du rhône - Paul Jaboulet Aîné - Parallèle 45

2008 - 5 € - white fruit - onctuous, white fruit, fresh

Indonesia importer: Boga Fine Wine


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