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French red wine values tasted in 2008

Reviews of French red wines and where to find them.

2008 archive

Polyphenols in red wine

Only specific wines show health benefits.

Updated in 2010

Types of red wines

Popular red wine varietals, regions producing red wines, and food pairings with red wine.

Updated in 2019

Types of white wines

Popular white wine varietals, regions, food pairings, fizz or still.

Updated in 2019

Only buy 28 wine bottles

How to select and buy wine. A buying list per wine region.

Updated in 2011

Wine vintages, vintage charts

Understanding wines, vintage ratings and wine vintage tables.

Updated in 2019

34 red wine varietals

Written in 2015

Champagne is bready from autolysis

Written in 2010

French white wine values tasted in 2019

Reviews of French white wines and where to find them.

2019 archive

Matching wine with food

Understand how to match wines with food.

Updated in 2019


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