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Selection of wine delivery in MD and Maryland

You may also order vibrant wines (that i have qualified) online for delivery across the USA.

You could ask for wine shipping to and delivery in the MD and Maryland area.

Here is my selection of vibrant wines.


Bottlings selected in 2018

Vin-de-France wine labelVin de France - Domaine Navarre - Vin d'Œillades - (œillade)

2016 - USD 15 - intense, blackberry, grape stalk - blackberry, grape stalk, astringent, balanced acidity

Distributor for Virginia, Washington, DC, and Montgomery county, Maryland: Williams Corner, website


Bottlings selected in 2015

Vouvray - François Pinon - Les Déronnières

2014 - USD 32 - white fruit, lemon - white fruit, lemon, crisp

A store in Potomac, Maryland: Beltway Fine Wines, 11325 Seven Locks Road, MD 20854, Tel: 410-668-8884

A store in Laurel, Maryland: Corridor Fine Wine and Spirits, 3321 Laurel-Fort Meade Road, MD 20724, Tel: 301-617-8507


Bottlings selected in 2013

Côtes du rhône - Éric Texier

2010 - USD 16 - This pleases everybody, a Cotes du Rhone typical but without flaw - blackcurrent or blackberry - slightly punchy (as it should be) balanced

Maryland distributor: Premier Beverage, tel. 410-401-9300

Côtes du Rhône Brézème - Éric Texier

2011 - USD 22 - blackberry - blackberry, plum, violet, dense, not drying, juicy, balanced

Maryland distributor: Premier Beverage, tel. 410-401-9300


Price figures are only rough estimates of the US retail tags, at the date of the tasting. Wines are selected on personal criteria.

You may read reviews on qualified vibrant wines available in Virginia, or you may request another location at the top or bottom of this page.

There also are must-taste natural wines in MD.


Next releases

You may be emailed, about once a year, when several tasting reports or countries with delivery of natural wine are issued, if you write your email address below. (There are about 2000 subscribers.)

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