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Famous wine growers of Barolo and Barbaresco

Here is a report on cutting-edge producers in the Piedmont, Italy. In mid-December 2002, I visited three growers around Alba:


Marchesi di Grésy

At Marchesi di Grésy, the "cellarmaster" received us - a group of French tourists. His name is Jeffrey Chilcott; he is from New Zealand. Stephano, his colleague at La Spinetta, was present too.

The owner lives in Milano.

Jeffrey said 2002 was a very difficult year.

Please find below my tasting notes:

Marchesi di Grésy Langhe Nebbiolo Martinenga wine label

Nebbiolo Martinenga

The 2001 Langhe Nebbiolo Martinenga does not come in contact with oak. It presents very good value (at Euro 10.5 at the estate): a nose of strawberry and cherry, with a hint of flower; a palate of cherry and fur, balanced.

The 2001 Merlot is a new product. It tastes of the international style as you would guess: very well made, technological; a nose with much burnt oak, lead pencil, fruit; the burnt flavour encumbers the silky mouthfeel.

Barrels at Marchesi di Grésy

Barrels at Marchesi di Grésy

1999 Barbaresco Martinenga is very nice (even when I came back to it at the end of the wine tasting event): a nose with mint, rose, plum; the palate is harmonious, with fruit, prune pit, and balance

1997 Barbaresco Camp Gros Martinenga smells of peat and kirsch; the palate is Barbaresco-typical, tannic and yet harmonious

1996 Barbaresco Cayun Martinenga has a bouquet of liquorice, fruit brandy, kirsch; the palate is evolved, fine, fresh, with a strange note on the finish; the aftertaste is a bit hard

1986 Barbaresco Cayun Martinenga is splendid - it smells of rose, leather, mushroom, toffee, rhubarb tart; tannins are velvety, the mouthfeel is fine, the alcohol is much less felt than in the younger Barbarescos

Here is a nice overview of the Barbaresco appellation.

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