French white wine values tasted in 2007

The selected French bottlings have given me much pleasure for the price. I have purchased them again for personal consumption. Featured values include Muscadets.

The below wines were tasted in France, in 2007 (between April and December). The tasting notes are listed by increasing prices, with the following format:

Appellation - producer - plot or brand - variety
Vintage - approximate price - general impression - on nose - on palate - after swallowing

white Gros plant - A.Michel Brégeon

2005 - 3.5 € - you would not dream of Gros Plant being so bright and pure! - redcurrant, pear - no unctuosity, very intense, redcurrant, small white fruit, minerally, pure, dries the gums and the palates, savory, light, snappy without any stiffness - redcurrant, small white fruit - this one is similar to the Gros Plant 2002 tasted at the same age

Muscadet-de-sèvre-et-maine-sur-lie wine labelwhite Muscadet de sèvre et maine sur lie - A.Michel Brégeon

2006 - 4.5 € - aromatic intensity, lichee - aromatic intensity, light, tiny gas beads, less flavour than Luneau-Papin 2005, freshness

white Muscadet de sèvre et maine sur lie - A.Michel Brégeon

2005 - 5 € - more settled than the same vintage tasted one year earlier, will improve with every passing year - aromas of peach and citrus zest - onctuous, wider than the Luneau-Papin 2005 and the Brégeon 2006, less aromas than the Luneau-Papin 2005, peach, pear, no beads, fresh

Muscadet wine labelwhite Muscadet - Marc Ollivier - Domaine de la Pépière - Clos des Briords - Cuvée Vieilles Vignes

2005 - 6 € - this wine will only get better, clean as the Briords 2001 tasted at the same age - pear and seashell on the nose - pear, fresh, shows more structure than Cormerais 2003, is not drying as was the same Briords 2005 tasted one year earlier

white Muscadet - Marc Ollivier - Domaine de la Pépière - Clos des Cormerais - Cuvée Vieilles Vignes - Vin élevé en fûts de chêne

2003 - 6 € - this wine is very fine but should benefit from ageing - fruit, delicate toffee - fruit, delicate toffee, fuller than the Briords 2005, a minerally thread, fresh - hasn't really changed from one summer to the next

Côtes-de-provence wine labelwhite Côtes de provence - Domaine Turenne - Cuvée Antoine - [50% rolle, 50% petite clairette du var]

2006 - 6.2 € - akin to the Domaine Gavoty Cuvée Clarendon 2001 aged two or the Château de Pourcieux 2001 aged two, two Rolle varietals - the aromas are of flower and fresh almond - velvety, flower, fresh almond, a vegetable note (due to the incomplete maturity of certain grapes), starfruit, fresh, less alcohol than the two Rolle varietals

white Pacherenc du vic bilh - Denis Capmartin - Château Barréjat - Moelleux

2005 - 6 € - onctuous from alcohol and residual sugar, dried apricot, lichee, fresh

white Muscadet de sèvre et maine sur lie - A.Michel Brégeon

2001 - 7 € - intense aromas of pear, peach, seashell and citrus zest - no gas beads, vinous, peach, pear, hazelnut, intense, fresh - compare this wine with the same bottling tasted at age two and at age five

Cheverny wine labelwhite Cheverny - Hervé Villemade - Domaine du Moulin - [60% sauvignon-blanc, 40% chardonnay]

2005 - 7 € - apricot dominates the intense aromas which differ strongly from those of the Domaine du Moulin 2004 - more onctuous than the 2004 vintage, intense, apricot, almond, toffee, fresh

Vouvray wine labelwhite Vouvray - François Pinon - Brut 'méthode traditionnelle' - [chenin]

[2004] - 7 € - modest nose - small gas beads, toasted loaf bread, dry but wide, as snappy as a Champagne

white Muscadet de sèvre et maine sur lie - Luneau-Papin - Les Pierres blanches

2005 - 8 € - drink it often - the nose shows much typical fruit, with citrus - the palate does not show the velvety texture of the Brégeon 2006, aromas are more intense than in the Brégeon 2005, tiny gas beads, light, refreshing

Vouvray wine labelwhite Vouvray - François Pinon - Sec - [chenin]

2005 - 8 € - a white fruit dominates the nose - aromatic intensity, pear, wide, dry, minerally, fresh

white Chablis - Gilbert Picq & ses Fils - [chardonnay]

2005 - 9 € - a delicate wine - aromas of fresh green almond - oily, glycerol coats the palate, intense fresh green almond, citrus, a note of scallop, fresh, hollow

white Ladoix - Robert et Raymond Jacob - [chardonnay]

2005 - 10 € - a smoked character dominates the grapefruit - the mouth is powerful, a smoked character dominates the grapefruit, fresh


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